Saturday, July 4, 2009

bud light lime

There is a lot of hype in town for Bud Light Lime. It's disappearing from store shelves faster than most places can stock it. Even though it arrived May 25th, it took me 3 liquor stores to find a case today. Not only that, but when asking at the first 2 stores, the response was almost a giddy 'your kidding right?'. Maybe everyone is celebrating July 4th with a sixer...or the hype is real.

I've already sampled Bud Light Lime in the States, and (as a non-light beer drinker) was sort of shocked to hear and see the explosion around discovering this beer. Sounds like some companies do listen, even to those crazy Facebook groups. See we finally have this beer option thanks to "a couple thousand Facebook fans who petitioned for its release north of the border". Don't people add lime to other beers already..Coronoa/Sol/Dos Equis? Oh the joy of citrus.

The taste. Well at 4%, it's definitely a light beer. Crisp and clean, your palette is almost left searching for more until the squeeze of lime hits. After downing a couple over dinner, I like that the lime doesn't seem like a chemical additive. It is definitely refreshing, and a beer many non-beer drinkers might enjoy. Worth a go...sure why not. Pretend your on a beach, and enjoy what nice weather we get in Edmonton. Maybe just wait for the hype to die down a bit; $30 for 12 is armed robbery for domestic light beer.

* Big Rock just introduced their version of light-beer-with-lime (June 19th), and Miller Brewing Company is about to bring their version, Miller Chill, north of the border. Lime beer throw down!!!


KimHo said...

I was at the liquor store last weekend and spotted a couple of boxes here at ~$22 (12 x 355 mL). But, then again, this is BC... Not in a hurry to buy these, though. I got a Mingler - a box of 12 bottles of Granville Island Brewery, 3 bottles of 4 types of ales, plus some Stella plus some Tripel Karmeliet plus some bottles of wine and that will last me for a long while (this coming from somebody who is a casual drinker).

Kevin Kossowan said...

Sherbrooke was drowning in cases of this stuff a few weeks ago, and the sheer fad-ness of it makes me want to hate it. And $30?!?!? REALLY??? I'm happy for the shareholders, but otherwise saddened. Cheaper to buy actual good beer and a few limes, no?

Chris said...

Oh nice buy Kim. I'm going to have to snap a picture of what I have in the fridge. Coming soon, Chris's beer fridge stock sampler!

Kevin - I think that's what got me the most, I've never seen domestic cost so much. I was taking one for the team.

Sarah said...

My vote: tastes like a cooler without all the sugar. Finally a beer that "girls" will like. Haha. Boyfriends around the world rejoice. Now...where's that bottle of stout?

Kristilyn said...

Personally, my favourite is Big Rock Lime, with Miller Chill coming in second. This one tastes more like water. :-(

Chris said...

Thanks for the thoughts Kristilyn. I've heard the Big Rock version isn't as limey from quite a few people, and all I know about Miller Chill, is that it hasn't done well in the US.

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