Friday, July 3, 2009

yokozuna japanese restaurant - edmonton,ab

Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant
4121 106 Street

A monday craving for sushi means one thing these days. Either I suck it up and wait for Tuesday, so I can visit Sushi Wasabi or Furusato, or venture over to Yokozuna. By writing this, I'll let you assume correctly that I didn't suck it up.

I was greeted by a 'new' look restaurant, and the recent renovations explain why the restaurant was closed on a previous visit. I found the Yokozuna on the homey side before, and these renovations have created a more elegant, crisp appearance.

Feeling fairly hungry, I ordered the 17 piece sushi platter and a pot of tea.

The one thing I noticed right away was the missing pieces of BC Roll. Asking the server, she just shrugged and said the chef (is it itatme?) didn't feel like putting it on. Huh? But it's included on the menu. What does that mean?

I made quick work of the platter and don't really have anything worthwhile to say about the food. Nothing bad, just nothing exciting. This was my 5th visit this year and probably the most disappointing. I found the portions of fish quite a bit smaller than what I've come to expect and for $26 dollars, I can't help but think I should have opted for my classic chirashi ($18 w/ miso). So, while I got my sushi fix, the iffy service and quality on this day left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

* I just noticed before posting that their gari is now white, instead of the lowly neon pink. Maybe this upgrade has something to do with the new look and feel.


shokutsu said...

Wow, I can remember when this place first opened a decade ago and the outside signage was a temporary plastic sheet. :) The nigiri pictured here looks as you describe - not bad, not great. For that though, 26 dollars seems high. Must be to pay for the renovations.

Chris said...

They have slowly developed, and while I was never privy to Yokozuna back in the plastic sheet sign days, I just wish the price wasn't evolving at a faster pace.

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