Tuesday, July 28, 2009

holy carrots batman!

Every time I pull one of my carrots from the ground, my inner child can't help but do the happy dance. As a first time gardener, I hope I never lose this feeling.

This long line of carrots is growing so beautifully, that I can't help but snack once in a while; and for a guy who eats 5-6lbs of carrots a week, I'm surprised I can hold myself back.


Sarah said...

Coffee for carrots. Whaddya say? :)

Chris said...

Sounds good...if they last that long that is. They are so delicious straight from the ground Sarah! Yum yum!!!!!

Sarah said...

Get on it boy! I've got some Pike Place fresh from the roaster (usually within the week) sitting in my cupboard!

Cheryl Arkison said...

5-6 pounds of carrots a week? What colour is your skin? Seriously, I had a friend who went a little overboard when she went veggie and her skin took on a fake tan hue.

Chris said...

Oddly enough Cheryl, the colour really only comes out in my palms. On more occasions than not, especially if I haven't seen a friend for a few weeks, they always ask about my hands..'Chris, are you ok?..your hands are orange'

Provides some great humour, especially during a doctor's office visit.

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