Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the week that was and is - july 29th, 2009

Phew! Another week. Some days I just don' t know where the time goes. Besides a major lack of baking due to Edmonton's surprise heat wave, I've been busy building a new fence with my father, continuing the job search, and enjoying every second of the Tour de France. God I love that sport...anyone with me? In fact it was so fantastic, I had no problem waking up at 4:30 AM to watch live, and then watch the replay at 6:30 PM.

With cooler temperatures already, lets hope to get the hot box back on. Nothing overly exciting this week on the news, as I was busy, but here are two tidbits.

  • North Korea gets around to opening their first fast food joint. "You still can't get a hamburger in Pyongyang, but the suspiciously similar "minced beef and bread" is for sale at the North Korean capital's first fast-food restaurant"
  • Don't let your taste buds fool you, Consumer Reports proves that Burger King fries aren't as good.

Unfortunately I didn't get to Fork Fest, which saddens me inside a bit, but I hope for all that did it was fantastic. Anyone have insights into any must sees at this years Edmonton Fringe Festival? Or must eats at the Heritage Festival?


Sarah said...

Fringe Must See - Wedding Ruiner. My buddy Mark Stubbings wrote it. Last Night Production plays are always wicked. You should probably just come with me.

Heritage Days - why settle? Eat everything. Ditto on the above instructions. :D

Lea said...

Bosnia and Croatia are must visits for the carnivore in you. They both have roast lamb to serve, but I believe Croatia will have roast pork on an open pit.

Of course, I gotta rep my own country. I enjoy a good turon in the Filipino pavillion.

Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up Sarah.

Lea, pork over an open pit is right up my alley. Even with one of my closest friends being Filipino, I've never had much of an opportunity to sample too much. Turon is fantastic! I don't suppose you could fill me in on where to grab some balut?

Lea said...

Oh dear god. I have no idea where to get balut and would never want to. I like my eggs unfertilized. :D

Meanwhile, Edmonton tragically has a very poor Filipino restaurant scene. I haven't been impressed with the places I've gone to. However, the two most popular ones are The Palabok House in the south side, and Fat Jakks in Chinatown.

Ariel said...

Why don't you guys try Filistix? We don't serve adobo or kare kare but our BBQ is pretty damn good. We're on Rice Howard Way, m-f, DTFM on Sat's.

Chris said...

I'm with you Lea, but really. I feel the need to conquer it for the blog...all in the name of my readers! Thanks for the info as well.

Ariel. Thanks for stopping by, something I've been meaning to do at Filistix. Meat on a stick or in a bun, sounds good to me!

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