Thursday, July 16, 2009

new pizza dough trial

I've had a serious craving for pizza lately, so it didn't help to discover H.Peter, from The Celiac Husband, was out investigating wood ovens. Just imagining a wood fired oven prompted me to pull Peter Reinhart's American Pie from the shelf and prepare another batch pizza dough. Normally, I stick with a thin crust dough (Neo-Neapolitan or Napolentana) but felt like changing things up. Heck we all need a shake up once in a while right.

New York-style pizza dough won the coin toss. This dough falls between the neo-style thin crust and your typical pizza establishment dough. The biggest difference is an increased amount of honey and oil (both of which the Napolentana doesn't have at all) which allows the pie to be topped with a heavier hand.

It turned out lovely, with my father proclaiming this his favorite dough. I topped the pizza with caramelized onions, thinly sliced red peppers and mushrooms, fresh oregano and basil (from the garden), and a 3 cheese mix of colby, cheddar, and jack. Sometimes food is so good you barely have time for a conversation ^-^

I've also been practicing my pizza tossing skills

Not so bad eh! Things are looking up. *cue pun drum roll*


Grace said...

*groan* :)

But seriously, that looks like one seriously drool-worthy pizza ... almost makes me want to try my hand at something like that ... :)

Sharon said...

I'm glad this pizza didn't end up on the floor!

Cool photos of the toss by the way!

Sarah said...

Nice shirt. And the pizza ain't half bad either. ;)

H.Peter said...

Sunday is the big day for the Mugnaini Pizza oven test.

Kevin Kossowan said...

I've been spending copious amounts of time researching wood oven design. When my build is complete, you're first on my list to come over to take it for a test drive. :)

Chris said...

You're a gentleman and a scholar Kevin!

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