Sunday, July 19, 2009

capital ex - part one

I haven't been Capital Ex in many years but with all the culinary curiosities now, and gates opening Friday at noon, I decided to wander around on opening day. So here is a look at what you can expect. Let me know if you try any goodies.

Mini donut stands are out in force. Not only can you get your fix at every corner, but there is an array of 'competing' vendors.

A serious must have. So good.

Make your own giant slurpee.

Beignets and my first sign of deep fried Oreos.

Fried dough of all kinds

Taco in a bag isn't new, but the Arizona frybread taco was to me.

The worker described it as taco ingredients on a elephant ear. WTF!

There is definitely some good looking corn dog stands...

and some not so exciting ones

Chinese food

Why have a food long hot dog when you

can have a mile-long hot dog.


Wings and fries or


More elephant ears with every topping under the sun.

Award winning recipes here!

Maybe you want some Texas taters and tender beef.

Don't fill up on beef though...more deep fried goodies!

Including Twinkies, Snickers, and Cheesecake.


Maki said...

Holy smokes. I feel a heart attack coming on... My valves are filled with deep fried cheesecake and elephant ears :)

We're heading this afternoon with the kiddos. I don't think we'll be able to persuade them from some of these carnie-licious treats.

Court said...

Did you try the beignets or deep fried oreos? When we were in France beignets were everywhere along the seaside - delicious but basically doughnut sandwiches (spread with chocolate or apricot) rolled in sugar. Same here? As for the fried oreos, I'm just curious to know what the deal is with those at all.

Chris said...

I've sampled some beignets in the past. I agree - doughnut sandwiches. So good. Never in France though, that would be epic.

I didn't try the Oreos, as I was there just after lunch and filled up on mini doughnuts. I'd be down to go back and sample..I wonder how many you get for 5 bucks. That would buy you a whole box, no?

Grace said...

Gawd almighty ... I can feel my arteries hardening as we speak!! I'm hitting the Ex on Thursday with my sister and her brood, so this should be interesting ... personally, I prefer to hit the food court in the Agricom ... the thought of deep-fried *anything* makes me kinda gag ... I know, I'm weird ... :)

Chris said...

Oh, I have a feeling something deep fried will creep into your Ex food always does for me. ;) Can't wait to hear what you try.

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