Saturday, August 15, 2009

zucchini chocolate chip cookies

I found myself staring at a good chunk of zucchini in my fridge and decided to throw it in some baking. Normally I would bake it into a quick bread, but felt the need for change. Not only has it been ages since I baked a batch of cookies, but I don't ever remember using zucchini in a cookie. It makes total sense, just like zucchini bread, it brings additional moisture and nutrients. Without the chocolate chips, you might almost be able to tell yourself these are good for you.

I used cinnamon and vanilla in the base for a subtle backdrop, and honey as my sweetener (something I've been experimenting with more). The chocolate chips were like icing on the cake. If anything, I might throw in some nutmeg next time to kick it up the base a bit more. Like usual, I found myself losing interest after baking off a few trays and started down the giant cookie road...giant cookies are so much fun!

Giant cookies can be difficult in my experience. Edges that are burnt and uncooked centers are two common problems, but not this time. Victory was mine..or should I say, victory was stomachs!


Kevin said...

I really like the sound of adding zucchini to ccc's!

Chris said...

It's a nice little addition indeed.

Kristilyn (The Domestic Goddess) said...

They look great! I've only ever used zucchini in quick breads and muffins (brownies, too - mmm). I'll have to try these! I have about a million more zucchinis coming up this year!


Chris said...

In brownies you say..intersting, I'll have to store this idea.

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