Monday, September 14, 2009

buckwheat pancakes

Pancakes are a lovely treat. Don't you agree? Of course with seemingly endless store bought variations you probably just find yourself scooping mix out of a box on Saturday mornings. There is however, another side to pancake creation land and just like the store bought varieties, you can concoct countless scratch recipes.

This morning, I started with a buckwheat pancake mix my brother put together for gifts. It goes together like butter and tastes super delicious. All I had to do was add 1 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of yogurt, an egg, and some vanilla extract to the dry before mixing up with a light hand. Remember kids, never thin your pancake batter and you'll always end up with pillow like hot cakes.

My favorite part of this recipe besides the buckwheat, which tastes great, is the addition of yogurt. My brother's recipe calls for plain yogurt, but I always use blueberry or raspberry. This fruity addition takes these pancakes into super delicious land. A truly perfect weekend or cold!

*Don't forget to give your pan a good coating of butter or about getting crazy with the batter for your last pancake. The top edge of my super long pancake burnt a bit as I scrambled to find a second spatula to help with the flip ;)


Valerie: A Canadian Foodie said...

HEY, Great! Can you tell me where we can find buckwheat in Edmonton? My parents - AND ME - would love to have some for pancakes?

H.Peter said...

And it's gluten free!

Chris said...

Valerie, try Planet Organic and the south side Italian Centre have both provided me with buckwheat flour. I'm pretty sure you could find small packages of Bob's Red Mill buckwheat at some of the grocery stores.

Thanks H.Peter. How funny is it that while I was cooking these up, I actually thought - H.Peter will totally dig the gluten free pancakes I'm rockin'

Maki said...

Love it. I have some buckwheat hanging out in my pantry. I've never had yogurt IN my pancake. I'm excited to try these.

Thanks Chris (and brother)

shokutsu said...

I must admit, I've only recently attempted to each non-straight up white flour pancakes. My recent foray into unbleached whole wheat flour pancakes has been mixed. I never thought you could add yogurt to the mix though, sounds interesting and worth trying out!

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