Friday, September 4, 2009

jojo's cafe - edmonton, ab

JoJo's Cafe
8004 Gateway Boulevard

I learned about Jojo's after perusing a recent copy of Vue Weekly. Jojo's is located inside La Piazza Dasee (a flower store), just south of Edmonton's ever popular Whyte Ave. After my initial attempt to sample some goodies failed due to the late evening hour, I succeed on my second attempt by stopping by mid afternoon.

There were no customers when we walked in so we had a perfect opportunity to look around and take in the shop. I think it has a clean and crisp look; you won't find enticing chairs to comfort your bottom for hours on end. Instead, you are left to choose from a handful of high tables or sit at the bar facing Gateway Boulevard for all the car watching your heart desires.

With no customers, and all the employees up a few steps on the La Piazza side, it took a few minutes before we were served. It did however allow us to look over the offering and be ready when the young lady came pleasantly around the corner. A seemingly classic selection of items; coffee based drinks, teas, iced beverages, gelato, and a few baked goodies were available for the picking.

I decided on a regular Americano, seeing as the owner apparently learned his craft over at Transcend,

while my two partners in crime on this day opted for the highly touted iced Fresh Red.

While the Vue Article mentions Ray Monroe as the manager and barista, he wasn't behind the counter on this occasion. Regardless, the young lady delivered a great tasting americano. The fresh red's lived up to there hype and were consumed in record time, although I'm sure the 30 degree weather didn't hurt the cold beverages cause. I took a sip at one point and can see why it went down so easily. A nice combination apple juice and rooibos tea, it pack just the right amount of sweetness while leaving those great rooibos flavors in your mouth.

On the way out, I noticed a little display where you can pick up some coffee and tea. You can even purchase red espresso so you can reproduce that fresh red bevy at home. I get all of my rooibos at Steeps, but I might just pick a bag of red espresso up one day and try it out in my machine at home. Overall, Jojo's offered a nice reprieve from the heat. A sharp looking establishment, where you can get your liquid fix, chat, watch the traffic go by or shop for some flowers for your loving partner. Why not stop in next time you are on Whyte. Oh, and my favorite flower is a Gerber Daisy ;)


Sarah said...

Purple one? ;)

Chris said...

Purple, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow...I'm not picky with Gerber's!

Anonymous said...

My favourite florist! Although I haven't been in their new space yet. Thanks for the visit.

Chris said...

Your favorite. That's good to hear, I've always had a soft spot for another Whyte Ave flower shop. I think I'll go back for some goodies.

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