Sunday, September 6, 2009

pulled pork kaiser

We had a few +30 days of heat around Edmonton recently so instead of heating up the house during the day, I roasted an 8lb pork butt over night. The mission accomplished both of it's objectives; 1 - don't turn the homestead into a sauna, and 2 - create a delicious meal.

Usually I'll bake off some some classic buns to act as a vessel, but with the bread baker's apprentice challenge kaiser rolls baked fresh the same day, everything was there. The pork was great, and if I had one issue with the overnight roast, it's that I kept waking up to the wafting smells of BBQ pig.


KimHo said...

Can you share the recipe for the pork? I have one but would like to compare notes, hehehehehe. In my case, low temperature, long cooking period of time - as you mentioned, overnight.

H.Peter said...

That looks very much like something I would find in Alabama. Maybe some more sauce there.

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