Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the (last two) weeks that were and are - september 23rd & 30th, 2009

With my departure from the city last week I wasn't able to publish my usual list of random food related items, so it's a bit of a combo week. Hopefully the last two weeks have treated you well. Is anyone excited for new TV shows? or new seasons?

  • There was an Edmonton Journal article about Edmonton's own Planet Organic a couple weeks back. Seems a bit of financial trouble may be on the horizon.
  • It looks like Mikado is expanding, with a new location set to open up in October on 170th street (9942-170 Street). A definite original in our city and though it's far from my choice, it's still good to see some expansion.
  • The Edmonton Potato Growers and the Greater Edmonton Alliance teamed up for the Great Potato Giveaway. It looks like there was a huge turnout, with around 100,000 pounds of spuds dug up. Sharon (Only Here for the Food) wrote a fantastic post about the event.
  • Chez Cora, the name behind Cora's restaurant, is adding an Edmonton location. I stopped by a few weeks back to find they were closed, but going back to get a picture this weekend, I realized they are now open. If the menu tastes as good as it looks, it will be a much welcomed addition to the breakfast scene here.
  • I received an email this week from the Culina group. They are putting on the first annual Molto Local harvest wine dinner on Monday October 18th. 5 Italian dishes featuring food from local farmers and 5 wines from Italy. I wish I could partake in this without the wine, as I'm someone who would rarely order a wine pairing, the wine portion of $75 dollars is pretty much a waste.
  • Ever wonder what the oldest man in the world eats? At 113, Walter Breuning, eats just twice a day, breakfast and lunch.
  • And really, if you are only going to eat twice a day..better catch up on your Calories Per Dollar info-graphic.
  • I can probably count the number of TV dinners I've had on one thumb, but I like the retro top 10 list of old school frozen dinners.
  • With No Reservations finishing the season in Tony's wife's home (Sardinia), the waiting game is now back on. Good thing Man V Food is staying strong as I'm really starting to like Adam Richman's personality. For a show based around an eating challenge, he adds a quirky and friendly element to each city. If only Andrew Zimmern's new show, Bizarre World, was better.
  • After discovering about Summer Side Asian Market in the mail, I stopped by for a look. A tidy little shop located just a hop and skip from South Edmonton Common (on 91st). Offering your standard fair - beans, flour, fruit, veg, music, dvd's etc. There is also a restaurant next door which seems to be part of the same ownership group.

  • To my surprise it was very much a McMuffin style week at the homestead. I ended up making 12 in total, with a few variations of ingredients. Turkey, ham, or roast beef lightly grilled was topped with an egg and either provolone, cheddar, or Asiago. I think I have the process down to an art now, and can't profess the love my toaster's bagel feature enough.

  • And finally, this beast. I've been experimenting with rye breads quite a bit lately for the Bread Baker's Apprentice challenge and pulled this evil looking, but great tasting loaf out of the oven yesterday!


H.Peter said...

Planet Organic, though we shop there, always struck me more of a stock play than a "real" organic grocery store.

Just take a close look at the corporate structure. Many shareholders we be left holding the (empty) grocery bag.

Jane said...

Definitely need to give Cora a visit!

PS. Might want to change july 23rd & 30th, 2009 to September =)

Chris said...

Haha. Thanks Jane. Brain slip up. ;)

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