Monday, November 2, 2009

alton brown's brains and cheese

Sooooo its not really brains, although, I'm sure brains and cheese could be taste pretty good. It's actually Mac-n-Cheese. My friend Sarah was looking for something to bring to a Halloween themed potluck at her work last week. Asking for any creative assistance I may have, and all the Halloween themed desserts, it should be easy right? Unfortunately, the sweeter side of things were already called for, so this left us looking at savory dishes. Ye Ol' Internet had a few options, but Sarah saved the day by mentioning mac n' cheese. . So with Sarah on the hunt for her brain-like pasta, I looked to my man Alton Brown.

Whole Wheat Fusilli - aka brains!

I've been wanting to make Alton's stove top macaroni and cheese for as long as I can remember. Yes..since I was 2. OK you caught me again, but it does seems like forever. Why have I wanted to make this for so long. While it seems like Mr. Brown's recipe has been an Internet cornerstone in the mac n' cheese world. Sure, there is still room for that baked vs. stovetop argument (I grew up on an baked version), but people rave about this recipe.

With hands this fast, the cheese didn't stand a chance.

So with our dish, and recipe in order, we set about putting it all together. I have to say first off, the recipe is so easy! I'd almost dare to say it's as fast as your blue box mac n' cheese. Sure you have to whisk some eggs, and grate some cheese, but really it's so simple. Heck, get your kids to grate the cheese and your cat to whisk the eggs. Voila! With our pasta to-the-tooth, all the ingredients were dumped in the pot and we stirred everything over low heat until the cheese did it's magic. I can't tell you how delicious this was. I now understand. The only major change, was the use of garlic chili sauce, as Sarah didn't have the required hot sauce in her fridge, yet, I think it was better this way. It's seems Sarah and I weren't the only ones to enjoy the brains, as her coworkers did a number, leaving Sarah with nothing but an empty pot to bring home. Good thing they didn't eat the bowl! *terrible Canadian joke, I know*


Shining Happy said...

This had so much cheesy goodness! Everyone go make it right now! :)

Chris said...

Haha. Cheesy indeed Sarah. Can you believe how much we grated.

Shining Happy said...

Not one shred of cheese was left from that there brick!

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