Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the week that was and is - november 4th 2009

It's Mo-vember already. Can you believe that! Have you started growing your mustache?

  • Sherman's Food Adventures is celebrating it's first year on the net. Why not stop by, have a look and leave a kind word or two. You might even win a gift card!
  • As a fan of Anthony Bourdain (tickets on sale now for his Calgary stop), I can't help but think if Scripp's is successful with their bid for Travel Channel, the Rachel Ray/Anthony Bourdain drama will really hit the fan.
  • Can't wait to see why kind of pictures Gizmodo gets in their fast food shooting challenge.
  • Need more reasons to use your microwave. Check out this list of 14.
  • I don't know what to think about a man who holds up a fast food restaurant, only to ask for a job application.
  • The more I break down meat at home, the more I enjoy watching videos like this.
  • Don't ask me why, but I'm surprised to hear the Top Chef Las Vegas finale will be filmed in Napa. I've actually started to get into things after a shaky start to the season.
  • Bulk Barn construction is humming along in South Edmonton Common. It seems to have a decent follow out east, so it'll be interesting to see how it fairs here in the west. The website says "Bulk Barn is Canada's largest bulk food retailer. We carry over 4,000 products - everything from soup to nuts, candy and snacks, baking ingredients, health and natural food products, pet food, vitamins, and candy-making supplies, dried fruits, seasonal candy - the list goes on and on!"
  • I don't really do fondue, and I'm 100% certain I've never eaten at a fondue based restaurant, but I suppose this may change with Edmonton getting a Melting Pot. "The first Canadian location is scheduled to open in Edmonton, Alberta in early 2010. The Melting Pot Restaurants will also be developed in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada marks the first International market for the Melting Pot – stay tuned for updates on the The Melting Pot brand going global!"
  • And right in front of the Melting Pot, is the latest incarnation of this ever changing building. Blush, which is billed as an innovative kitchen and lounge. Has anyone heard anything about this? Who's behind it or what this innovative cuisine will be?
  • I received a package of Sharwood's sauces to sample a few weeks back. Wanting to get a wide opinion on the sauces, it took a bit of finagling to get all my taste testers together for each dish. Lucky for everyone, and you, the sauces are all used up. Look forward to an upcoming post on the delicious experience.
  • Maybe not your cup of tea musically, but Sonic 102.9 is currently giving away their first Sonic Sessions CD. A cool mix of intimate performances, featuring everyone from Matthew Good to Tegan and Sara to The Arkells. Copies are available at The Easy Rider in Whitemud Crossing for free.


Sherman said...

Thanks for the shoutout Chris!

Maki said...

I have been waiting for the Bulk Barn and heard about it's opening here in Edmonton quite a while ago. Can't wait to try it out though the southside location is sorta far for me.

Chris said...

Thanks for the mad food eating skills Sherman. You have a very enjoyable blog.

I don't have much experience with bulk foods Maki, probably just the bins and such at Planet Organic and Superstore, so I'm curious to see what the largest selection looks like.

Jane said...

Being from Toronto, I'm excited for Bulk Barn to finally make its way west. I hope the selection is as good as I remember it!

Isabelle said...

Bulk Barn is amazing. I was an avid customer at the Charlottetown store when I lived there. I mainly bought nuts and dried fruit, but it's also useful for baking and decorating stuff. You can also rent tons of different shapes of cake pans. It's kind of a strange mix of gross (bulk chicken soup mix, anyone? ) and delightful. I just wish I didn't live so far from South Edmonton Common.

Chris said...

Geez. The more I hear about bulk barn, the more excited I'm getting. Good thing I live a hop and skip from SEC.

I love the description Isabelle, "It's kind of a strange mix of gross and delightful." And, I'm really happy to hear about baking goods.

Tiran said...

I expect that the Bulk Barn will not be that different from Nutter's, which was founded in Medicine Hat. I never understood why they have one in Leduc but not Edmonton (or Calgary). It is to bad Bulk Barn is in SEC, might as well drive the extra distance to Leduc really.

Overall great blog btw.

Chris said...

Tiran, having previously lived in Medicine Hat, I hope in some ways Bulk Barn will offer a less expensive experience. Nutter's, while offering a wide range of products (including organics), always felt a little pricey to me for a 'bulk' store.

I've often thought they stay away from larger urban centers so avoid the competition, but then again that's just my thought.

Thanks for stopping by, and the kind words.

Tiran said...

Also a a former Hatter (Hat High, Grad 90, oy thats dating me) I never found it to be overly expensive, depending what you were buying, and I am notoriously cheap. But then I had nothing to compare it to. We will have to see once Bulk Barn opens.

miramshan said...

Just came across this blog on a search for Bulk Barn. Being from Ontario, I really missed this store. So happy it has finally come. Went last night and stocked up on all the things I was missing. Tiran, it is nothing like Nutters. Hopefully they will open of a few more locations in Edmonton and expand them as the one in SEC seemed smaller than the ones in the East

Chris said...

Thanks for stopping in miramshan. I'm planning to stop in soon, and check things out.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, nice blog, great to see some stuff about our city.

Found your blog when I was looking for info on the Sonic Sessions CD (I designed the cover art).

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