Thursday, December 10, 2009

caution may contain nuts (live) - edmonton, ab

The second season of Caution: May Contain Nuts finished shooting recently, and they decided to tape 3 days of live scenes to work in through out the season. Sarah, who just so happens to edit Caution, acquired some tickets and invited a group of us to tag along.

If you don't know anything about Caution, I would probably describe it as adult sketch comedy. Airing on APTN; it may make you laugh or cringe I suppose. The cast is made up of Mark Meer, Dana Andersen, Aimée Beaudoin, Sheldon Elter, Ryan Parker, Matt Alden, Howie Miller, James Higuchi, and Jeff Halaby.

Ann keeping us entertained in the down time
Videos on the screen.
Filming inside the Alberta Film Studios on Allard Way, it took the better part of 3 hours for night one to wrap. While they did film a decent amount of footage, it does take its toll on the clapping and laughing ability of an audience. In between filmed scenes, they previewed bits of season two footage on a screen inside the room. Taping everything from stand up comedy to music videos, it sure was an interesting night. I look forward to seeing how it looks on TV next year.


Annster. said...

That is my sext face.

Chris said...

Haha. Indeed it was Ann. Good times!

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