Wednesday, December 9, 2009

raw apple cake

I needed to bring a dessert offering for a summer BBQ, so I hit the interwebs. Looking through my bookmarks, I found an apple cake recipe on Simply Recipes that I took note of at one point. Looking around the kitchen pantry, I was pretty sure I had everything, so the quick decision was made!

I really liked this cake. I used granny smith, golden delicious and fuji's for my filling, making sure to leave the pieces on the larger side. This way, in the middle of enjoying the soft cake, you were hit with appley goodness.

The best part about this cake, being in a bundt pan, was the ease of transportation and serving. Throw the entire thing in my trusty cake holder and allow the indentations in the side to serve as guidelines for people to pick a large or small slice. Genius, I know! The cake went over with adults and children alike, but I'm not sure my glaze set right. Oh well, it's all a memory now as I go back through photo's.


Sharon said...

Yum! That sheen makes the cake.

Chris said...

I can feel the sugar rush just thinking about it.

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