Monday, December 21, 2009

gingerbread men

With the shortbread cookies done, Sarah and I moved on to gingerbread men. Not a classic in my house, Sarah has strong memories attached to these and it seemed to go without question this was going to be included in the Christmas baking. Wait. Can you believe it's almost Christmas!

While we worked on the shortbread, we chilled the gingerbread dough, allowing it too be shaped when we were done. We did however, take a quick break for supper (and some cookie eating). Back to the cookies. Not having any extra cutters, we kept the lady, man, and horse cutters in play and included a wine glass for rounds. Once out of the oven, we decorated with little chocolate nuggets from Bulk Barn.

The cookies kind of surprised me. Starting very mellow, they took a good 5 seconds in your mouth before the true flavour started to shine. I also started playing with the baking times, which allowed some cookies to be soft n' chewy while others were crispy. I'm sure at this point, Sarah's coworkers are going to be full of goodness this week.

Recipe from Joy of Baking.


Annster. said...

Hey not just co=wokers.... family is more important!

Chris said...

Oh Annster. If only you were around, you would have been given the cookie goodness!

Sarah said...

The cookies are now gone! A success indeed!

Chris said...

Good to hear Sarah. Did we really have any doubts though ;)

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