Friday, December 11, 2009

kerstin’s chocolates - edmonton, ab

kerstin’s chocolates
10139 112 Street

After Sharon's valiant attempt to successfully conquer the 'name that origin' contest currently running at Kerstin's Chocolates, I decided to pull up the britches and test my palate today.

It was relatively easy to persuade Sarah in joining me, so this way we could support or celebrate depending on the result. A couple of regulars were in the tiny store when we arrived, so it gave us a few minutes to look around. The store isn't a lot bigger than some bedrooms, but then again chocolate doesn't take up a lot of space. With varieties from all over the world, different flavours, and even drinking chocolate, I'm sure you will find something for the chocolate lover.

Finally stepping up to the chocolate plate, we signed our consent form and looked at the goods. 4 piles of chocolate, with 5 possible origins. Hmm. After a brief description of how to eat and develop the taste (this is like fine wine it seems), we were off. I was able to pick out the distinct characteristic in each chocolate, something that surprised me for sure. Two out of the four were straight forward and I was correct with my placement. The final two were close enough (similar profiles), so I flip flopped a bit before deciding. Unfortunately I had it backwards. If only I had gone with the 'she loves me not' choice, I would be right there with 4 out of 4.

Sarah picked out 2 correctly as well, the two I flipped, and we settled into a sample of warm and spicy drinking chocolate. While I like the aspects of chili in chocolate, it's definitely something I couldn't drink on a regular basis. Sarah finished our visit by picking up some Christmas gifts and we were off. What a great little spot to warm the heart and sweet tooth.


H.Peter said...

I was in Edmonton yesterday (Delivery), this store and Bulk Barn were on my list, but due to road conditions worsening on the QE2, I rushed back to Calgary.

Did you see any ZOTTER Schokolade?

Chris said...

I couldn't say for sure if I did see Zotter H.Peter. I think I was in chocolate overload after looking through the shelves. Sorry.

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