Friday, December 11, 2009

the week that was, oh no, i've been busy

December! Where have you come from? And why did you bring your -25 degree friends. You know what this means. Snow Angels and falling behind on weekly updates.

  • Just like the Duchess hoopla, I have a feeling that the Bothy is about to experience a wave of Edmonton's food devotees.
  • It seems (via twitter) that my favorite food show No Reservations is back with new episodes in January! I'm super excited for that.
  • And speaking of shows, Top Chef Las Vegas finished and they only way I would have been happier with the ending is if Kevin had won.
  • It appears Edmonton's infamous Motoraunt may finally be on it's last legs, as the restaurant is facing a huge rent increase.
  • Wendy's 71 burger joints are pulling out of Japan.
  • Oh bacon. You can appear anywhere.
  • Looking for a few gift ideas. Why not make a collection of spice blends.
  • "The first official recommendations for a diet that is both healthy and good for the environment are published today, and they are likely to be seen as an assault on the UK's current food system"
  • I love apples so much. Heck I eat 3 or 4 a day, so I don't think I could sacrifice them to make Snow White art.
  • Another week, and another package of goodies from Bulk Barn. I've now introduced my father to the store, who is in love I think. This time; nuts, drink mix, candy, sesame seeds, cheezies, powdered milk, and Belgium chocolate. Yum Yum!
  • Stopping in at the Royal Bison Craft Sale a few weeks back, Sarah and I bumped into Mack and Sharon (seriously, they are everywhere in the city) which was fantastic. Always nice to see them. Sarah picked up a collection of gnome hats for additional Christmas fun times.
  • On the way to the craft fair, I also noticed a new addition to the exterior of Furusato; a mural and advertisement for their lunch hours.
  • I was the recipient of Mexican kinder surprises last week. I'm not a fan of the chocolate really, but I was really hoping there would be something loco inside. There was a strange crayon, shield, and a top. Of course, the top was the coolest of all three.
Oh and just in case you were unaware of my John Mayer love, I've picked up tickets to his Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon shows. Crazy right, but you do what you gotta do when your musical influences rarely come. Any food suggestions for Saskatoon?


Holly M. said...

chris, where are your tickets for the Edmonton show? we are Row 4! have you seen JM before? I have seen him once with the trio in LV, with Sheryl Crow in Seattle, here in Edmonton last time he was here and we went on the Mayercruise last April! he is the best!!If you know I anyone still wanting tickets I have a pair for sale in Row 14 ($200/pair).

Chris said...

Hey Holly. Yes I've seen John before. I've always wanted to hit up the Mayercraft but it just never worked out, same with the solo show in LA. Oh well. I'm lucky enough to catch him at least the 3 times on this tour. I'm row 6 or 7 for the E-town show. The same for cow town and row 2 or 3 for the Saskatoon show.

Sharon said...

It was good to see you and Sarah at the Royal Bison too! I'm still waiting for the pictures of the hats...

Chris said...

It's coming Sharon. I realized I didn't take a photo that day, so needed to take some! They are hilarious.

Sarah said...

The photos are going to be AMAZING! I can't wait for Gnome Hat day aka Christmas!

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