Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the movie theatre dilemma

No pictures, just a question.

Do you smuggle food and/or beverages into the movie theatre?

Back in the day your choices were pretty much popcorn and candy, but our new movie complexes offer everything from pizza and hot dogs to slurpees and ice cream. So is there any reason anymore? Save money perhaps? You prefer something healthier maybe.

If you do bring your own goodies, do you have a favorite way to sneak it in? A jacket, purse..maybe under your wig? What's the best food/drink to bring in? Heck, what's your favorite movie watching snack while we are at it. Let me know, and I'll keep it between you and me.


Kevin Kossowan said...

I am a cheapass, so no dillema here. Popcorn, and preferably apple juice. Childhood favorite smuggle.

Sharon said...

I'm with Kevin - I have no shame in sneaking in popcorn, the occasional bag of fast food and coffee from Starbucks.

The fact that women's purses have increased in size over the years has definitely helped with this :).

KimHo said...

I would rather not eat inside the movies as:

1) You can't see what you are eating.
2) I would end up overeating (because of #1).
3) It gets distracting to watch a movie and eating at the same time.

Even then, once in a while, I might buy some soft serve from TCBY. If I somehow want to eat a chocolate bar, I won't feel guilty if I sneak one...

Sarah said...

I recently smuggled in a subway sandwich and most often I bring my trusty water bottle!

Bellavino said...

I am all for sneaking in food. One pop and one popcorn is not supposed to cost 12$.
I especially like when there is a dollar store near by (WEM, Westmount, SEC)- it makes my total snack/drink purchase even less than one pack of candy at the theater!
My favorite is any kind of gummy candy!

Annster. said...

I always pop my own popcorn and bring in gingersnap cookies as of late. Usually my own bevy as well. It suprising how much money you save. And as of late it has been pita's from extreme pita.... I rock... you can idolize me now.

Jane said...

Totally agree with Sharon's comment of women's purse sizes increasing... Helps to sneak in the popcorn from home. I also sneak in a bottle of water because they are overpriced (as is all the food at the theaters, IMO.)

Sally said...

I know someone who goes to the movies every Tuesday, and brings an empty movie theatre popcorn bag with her. After she settles in, she goes to the popcorn counter and asks for a free refill. After the movie, she folds up the bag, takes it home to wipe it out and wait for next Tuesday. THAT is cheap.

I have a giant purse that holds my snacks. But no cans of pop - I'd give my cheap-ass self away. And now the Bulk Barn has graced our Edmontonian presence, I plan on hitting that up for sweets and humpty dumpty cheesies in quiet plastic bags!

Jennifer said...

lol, i love that bubble tea is vaccum sealed...makes it so much easier to smuggle in! one bubble tea is large enough to last me the whole movie, so it's all good :) plus a snack from home and i'm set ;)

then again...the movie theater isn't as strict about bringing food in anyways...the last couple times i was able to blatantly bring in starbucks and bubble tea without being stopped!


Jennifer said...

lol! sally, that is too funny!!!

Chris said...

Oh my. I didn't imagine these kind of responses. First off it's amazing. Sally's friend definitely set the new bar. I never imagined someone taking home the bag and bringing it back to refill. EPIC.

Not a big candy/popcorn guy myself. I usually bring myself a Coke Zero or coffee from Starbucks. I definitely don't have the 'purse' abilities that you ladies have. You could smuggle a small animal in some of the bags these days.

Apple juice and popcorn Kevin. A new combo to me.

Kim. I totally agree with you. Dark room + giant bag of food = overeating.

Sarah and Annster, you ladies take the cake for bringing in meals.

Bellavino/Sally - I agree the dollar store (and Bulk Barn now) makes for a way cheaper way to enjoy some goodies. Just include a cheap ticket from AMA and imagine the savings.

Jennifer - We seriously lack quality bubble tea on the south side (or near SEC at least), so I've never thought about it. Bubble Tea is my weakness, as I end up drinking/eating it in under 2 mins. So Good!!

misterrios said...

I occassionally sneak in beer. Of course, I live in Germany, and you can buy beer at the theater. It's not that I object to the price, though I object to them serving bad beer. Sometimes a sandwich if we're going after work, but aside from that, it's small stuff like cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, or celery. Even if you do overeat, it's still pretty healthy.

Chris said...

Bad beer is a crime! I never thought about sneaking in some carrots and cherry tomatoes. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I also know someone who's done the "bring an old popcorn bag" trick. (No, it's not me.)

I tend to bring my own water nowadays. It's cheaper and more nutrious than pop. Although I have brought in cans of pop before. You just wait for a loud trailer before you open that sucker up. ;)

If I bring food it usually depends on my mood. Mints, gum and chocolate have made it before. I've brought in cookies and granola bars too. Brought in Taco Time once, and was paranoid that someone would smell it.

Have also brought in sketchy Asian treats like dried squid. :D

Chris said...

Haha. I think the Taco would easily give you away.."Where are those beans coming from?"

Sketchy Asian treats FTW!

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