Friday, December 4, 2009

panettone (round 2 )- bread baker's apprentice challenge #24

Just a quick update, as I haven't been up to much besides baking bread. I went for round two with the panettone and included deluxe mixed peel (from bulk barn) along with slivered almonds. I also soaked the raisins and mixed peel in scotch instead of the rum I used in my first attempt.

The results were better in my opinion. The peel, which isn't everyone's cup of tea, provided sharp hits of sweet/tart flavour, while the almonds added texture and flavour that also wasn't anywhere in the first two version. I think the craziest part was the chance of getting different slices (just compare the two pictures). A success indeed. I'll be keeping this recipe around.


misterrios said...

Awesome! Great shots of the inside. Love the huge bits of fruit. When I made this bread- actually both times- I immediately reached for the scotch because I don't like the taste of rum. Plus I like but don't love the Macallan. I was literally licking my fingers when making the fruit soak, though.

Chris said...

I agree. I could have eaten the scotch soaked fruit straight from the bowl. I couldn't imagine the trouble I would get in after that!

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