Tuesday, December 22, 2009

pretzel and nut mix

If, like me, you enjoy food and twitter, you are always looking for interesting people to follow. One such person in my opinion is David Lebovitz. Pastry chef extraordinaire; he spends his time in Paris, tweeting the intricacies of food and culture in France.

I've checked out the recipe a few times for his "best holiday snack" idea and with a fresh supply of nuts from Bulk Barn, it was on. Very easy, and very quick. Turn on your oven. Roast the nuts. Combine with sugars and spices, before stirring in the pretzels and warming through. Highly addictive, visitors to the homestead this week found themselves going back for more and more, making me wonder if this actually is the best holiday snack around. I know I'll be making it next Christmas as well...if not sooner.


Marianne and Charles said...

I made this last night... it really is addictive. It's meant to take to my grandparents on Thursday, but I might have to make a second batch before then.

Chris said...

Make a couple batches, then you can still have some more!

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