Wednesday, December 30, 2009

union bank inn - edmonton, ab

Wedding time. Not for me silly, but for the lovely Yarmen and Elleker families. With the lucky families deciding to have both the ceremony and reception at Union Bank Inn, I was pretty excited to be Sarah's guest. The wedding would be held in the UB's largest room, (giverny) and the meal would be catered in-house. Nothing like a plated service to get the foodie in me excited.

The room was beautiful and created a very pleasant backdrop for the actual service. Quick and too the point, the actual wedding was a breeze. Everyone was quickly whisked out of the room while pictures took place and the room was torn down and set up for dinner. I couldn't help but wonder how they would get all of us seated for dinner.

Menu cards were already located on the tables when we arrived for cocktails, and after a few twoonie priced beverages, the show was ready to roll. Up front, I should say the one thing I really like about this plated service was the seamless inclusion of food throughout the event. The staff were absolutely amazing. From serving all the ladies at the table first, to water and wine refills, to replacing dropped cutlery at an instant. Very professional, very discreet and very happy to be working and catering. What a customer service treat!

For the starter we received an Organic Baby Greens Salad w/ Crispy Noodles, Candied Pecans, Sweet & Spicy Vinaigrette. The noodles were indeed crispy, the pecans were candied, and the dressing was both sweet and spicy. A solid salad, my only issue was with the pile of pecans everyone seemed to receive. Nothing like eating 10-15 sugar coated pecans to shun any health benefits.

Next the main. For the meat eaters, Chicken Supreme with Roasted Shallot Relish w/ Wild Mushroom Quinoa, Fresh Herb Beurre Blanc & Market Vegetables. The chicken was cooked to a solid result. A mix of slightly dry and slightly moist, it was riding the perfectly cooked chicken line. Cooked with the skin on, I couldn't help but notice every diner at my table removing it. So while it may help with falvour, it obviously isn't a crowd favorite. The shallot relish was sweet and very tasty. The vegetables were OK, bordering on soft, while the quinoa (which I happen to cook at home) was very blah. The only thing that kept it from totally failing were the mushrooms, which added a great level of earthy tones.

And for the vegetarians, a tomato and wild mushroom quinoa base topped with goat cheese and market vegetables. I was lucky enough to have two vegetarians located next to me, making the photo op a lot easier. They seemed to enjoy the dish.

Dessert was a Petites Fours Trio, Chocolate Truffle, Lemon Curd Tartlet, White Chocolate Pecan Brownie & Fresh Seasonal Berries. Easily the weakest part of the night in my mind. The truffle was good. The brownie was dry, lacking any pecan, and the tartlet was rock hard with what seemed like canned lemon curd. I was unaware that blackberries and gooseberries were seasonal fruits around here, and it didn't surprise me that the blackberry was terrible. Something brought up by others at the table as well. I suppose a selection of small desserts is a good option, as many diners didn't finish the trip, instead choosing their favorites and even trading.

Soon enough, it was time to dance and for the first time in my wedding experience, the entire dance was taken care of by an iPod. A great way to save money, it did show how a well thought out play list will do more than suffice.

About an hour after digesting supper, the light lunch-style offerings started to appear. Far from the basic meat and cheese platters, the quality of food carried over here as well. Great looking platters of assorted fruits and vegetables along with meal sized wraps, bagels and buns.

Finally the cake, or should I say cupcakes. It seems to be a very common thread at most of the weddings I've been to as of late. The biggest difference on this occaision was that these were made by a family member. Tasting exactly like a store bought generic cake mix, I suppose the family bakers played it safe and the final result showed just that.

Overall, the entire experience was great. Besides a beautiful wedding, the service was fantastic, and the food, while having hits and misses, wouldn't stop me from suggesting or recommending this venue.

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