Thursday, December 31, 2009

the week that was and is - december 31th, 2009

Happy New Year's Everyone. With 2009 just hours from being over, I wanted to wish you all the best in the upcoming year. Play safe tonight, and if you have any crazy stories, come back and share! I mean we are the sharing kind around here. ;)

  • If you haven't had a chance to read some of my thoughts about the decade in food, do have a read when you get a chance. I would love to hear your thoughts about the decade.
  • Are you hoping to see a particular style of restaurant or trend for 2010 in your city?
  • Pizza Hut in the US of A is starting 2010 with a bang, and a hell of a pizza deal - "customers can order any size pizza, with any crust and any toppings for $10"
  • I hope you are ready for more Guy Fieri. That famous bleached head is going to be part of a new game show on NBC called Perfect 10.
  • Speaking of TV shows. Food Network is finally broadcasting Top Chef Masters. having already watched the show, I can tell you it's an enjoyable break-off from Top Chef and may help non-foodies put a face to a few world-class chefs.
  • Keeping with the Top Chef theme, the Voltaggio Brothers of Top Chef Las Vegas fame, are starting 2010 by starring in a "web series focusing on their favorite ingredients, techniques and gadgets".
  • Seeing as it's New Year's, check out this lady in South Dakota who recently rocked a blood alcohol content of .708 (.o8 is the legal limit). Can you believe that!! I think that is the second highest record BAC in US history. "A blood-alcohol level of over .40 is considered extremely dangerous."
  • Drinking and driving is stupid!! So I have no idea what a funeral home in Georgia is offering free funeral services for anyone who is high/drunk and dies on New Year's. WTF.
  • Instead, why not watch this handy Chow video for Preventing a Hangover before heading out. And if you do tie one off, catch a ride with your designated driver, friendly cabbie, or metro bus.
  • 2009 was a hell of a year for giant food records. From the largest hamburger to the largest cupcake. Check out this interesting list of giant foods.
  • I'll leave you with the National Restaurant Association’s list of the Top 20 Food Trends for 2010:
1. Locally grown produce
2. Locally sourced meats and seafood
3. Sustainability
4. Bite-size/mini desserts
5. Locally produced wine and beer
6. Nutritionally balanced children's dishes
7. Half-portions/smaller portion for a smaller price
8. Farm-/estate-branded ingredients
9. Gluten-free/food-allergy conscious
10. Sustainable seafood
11. Superfruits (e.g., acai, goji berry, mangosteen)
12. Organic produce
13. Culinary cocktails (e.g., savory, fresh ingredients)
14. Micro-distilled/artisan liquor
15. Nutrition/health
16. Simplicity/back to basics
17. Regional ethnic cuisine
18. Nontraditional fish (e.g., branzino, Arctic char, barramundi)
19. Newly fabricated cuts of meat (e.g., Denver steak, pork flatiron, Petite Tender)
20. Fruit/vegetable children's side items
Stay Safe Everyone! I Wish You The Best in 2010


H.Peter said...

Check out # 9......


Don't freeze too much. When is Vegas?

KimHo said...

(In an attempt to mimic that Star Trek II phrase...) FIERIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! I personally don't care much about him; just that his Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives has started to be *this* short to be an infomercial. As a result, no expectations for this show.

Other than that... Happy New Year! :)

Sherman said...

Yah, what's up with the delay on Top Chef Masters? I also watched a while back. You're right about it being a departure from the regular. It's nice to see renowned chefs under pressure. Some didn't do so hot! Happy New Year dude!

Chris said...

H.Peter - make sure the bakery is ready for the increase!!

Kim - I actually hadn't thought about triple D like that, but you might just be spot on.

Sherman - I agree..just goes to show that not all world class chefs keep their hands busy with the entire process.

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