Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fruit salad - an everyday treat

As a big supporter of all things fruit (well maybe not durian), I love making a refreshing fruit salad. I consume a lot of fruit and vegetables; it is quiet normal for me to eat 2 or 3 apples during your average day, so throw in the option of fruit salad and I'm happier than a pig in "you know what". After a quick visit to h&w, I knew fruit salad would be on the menu this week.

This is the kind of recipe, if you can call it that, you almost never repeat and is a great way to discover how different fruits work together. This version for example has blood orange, which adds a distinct taste and great colour contrast. Feel free to throw in whatever you have lying around or prefer. As a side note, I seem to stumble on a fair amount of online articles where the average family/individual worries about buying fresh produce because they don't use it up and it gets wasted. Fruit salad, in my opinion, is a perfect way to extend some of that fruit, so dig in!

1 - Mango
1 - Navel Orange
1 - Blood Orange
1 - Gala Apple
1 - Banana
1 - Kiwi
Juice of one lime
1/4 cup - OJ (optional)
Cointreau or similar (optional)

Place cut and diced fruit in a decent size container. Squeeze the lime juice over top and give it a mix - Enjoy! Feel free to add some orange juice to the dish if you like it a bit juicier, just remember the fruit will give off some as it relaxes. For a special treat splash some orange flavoured liquor over top.


Anonymous said...

mmm good idea

Chris said...

I picked up some grapes and pears on the cheap to throw in the mix today. A new day; a new salad!

I Love Food Blog said...

Looks great. How about throwing in some Yogurt and Granola? You`ll have yourself a Fruit Yogurt Parfait!

Chris said...

That does sound like a great addition; now I'll have too see if I can wrangle up an old school parfait cup.

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