Friday, February 6, 2009

a personal pizza pie, that's amore - or just lunch

Growing up in a house with a Pizza Hut loving father, I didn't realize that pizza could come in so many shapes and styles. Wikipedia has entries for; New York style, Sicilian style, Greek style, Chicago style, Pizza al taglio, New-Haven style, Californian style, St. Louis style, Mexican, Pissaladiere, and Detroit style pizza. I've since branched out from your standard chain pizza, but still think with all the options, things can get a little confusing. Is it made with 00 or ap flour, baked in a pan or on bricks, thick and stuffed or thin and simple?

I tend to lean towards a thinner, slightly chewy pizza topped with minimal ingredients. I've come to appreciate the Italian idea that the dough is what a pizza is about, and stay away from a 'kitchen sink' topping mentality. My favorite pizza dough recipe makes six personal sized portions, that once frozen just need a night in the fridge, and two hours on the counter, to come back to life. Lately I've been topping my pizza with a sauteed mushroom/onion mixture and baby bocconcinis for cheesy goodness. Do you have a favorite pizza place or favorite topping? Do you consider pizza a solid breakfast option? Let me know.

*not shown - fresh herby goodness and red pepper flakes


Sarah said...

Yum! When you don't feel like tossing your own dough, head to Tony's. It's delicious. Pretty much like heaven on your tongue. Pizza is definitely a viable breakfast option.

Chris said...

Thanks for the tip Sarah. I remember trying it for a birthday a few years back, but wasn't totally sold. I'd heard for years it was the best of best, so I had Tony's built up pretty strong. It would be worth a try again one of these days.

I Love Food Blog said...

Those pizzas look yummy!

It's funny, recently made some home-made pizza. Used pita bread as the crust, spread some pizza sauce, topped with some fresh bacon pieces, prosciutto slices, mushrooms, red pepper and finally freshly grated cheese. Popped it in the toaster oven and it turned out really well.

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