Saturday, February 21, 2009

starbucks southpoint- edmonton, ab

Even though I have an espresso machine at home, it doesn't always do the trick. Sure it makes a great shot, even if I have to clean up, but there is no one to talk with. So on mornings when I'm feeling particularly sprightly, I know I'm just a short drive away from a good laugh, conversation, or at the very least..people watching. Thanks Sarah, you are a wonderful barista. I'm glad you enjoy your job so much; I think it would be great if most people could feel that good at work. Below is my one of my two usual options...Can anybody decipher the Starbucks code.

venti, 6 shot, americano, no room, sugar free hazelnut - like heaven in your mouth!


Marianne and Zed said...

You are a brave man... six shots; that's amazing! (I work in the coffee bar at Sobey's by U of A... and I rarely get asked to make anything past a double.)

Chris said...

Well, I'll be sure to stop in one of these days and throw down!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sarah said...

This made my day. I'll make your cup of joe any day Chris. ;)

Chris said...

Thank you!

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