Friday, February 20, 2009

there's a place called downtown, where the hippies all go...

A few morning mentions;

I noticed the Downtown Dining Week information has been posted. 23 restaurants are participating over the 10 days (March 6 - 15) and it looks like there should be a choice for everyone. I'll have to have a better at the menu's this week and see if anything is worth the trip. Maybe a mini foodie meet up?

I don't know if anyone is a late night fan, but watching Conan O'Brien during this last week has been priceless. The highlight for me, besides destroying a little bit of the stage every night and giving the pieces to the audience, was his sit down with Martha Stewart. The skit they created was classic, but what got me was the end of the interview. To say thanks, Martha pulled out a bag of Taco Bell burritos and two 40oz bottles of Olde English 800 and they proceeded to eat and drink. Martha can just be so damn funny at times.

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