Thursday, February 19, 2009

steak sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread

I was in Costco last week. I had a list, but I also had time. So, I decided to wander the aisles. Somehow more things ended up in my cart than originally planned. Damn you Costco and your some times great deals! Lucky for me however was the addition of a rib eye roast. See, my fellow shoppers were being seduced by a 3 pack of rib eye steaks ($28), yet right beside this was a similar priced rib eye roast. Being the cost saving customers we are, we decided to cut our own who's laughing Costco!

With a quick slice back at ranch, we were the proud owners of 6 (that's right 6) tasty looking rib eye steaks.

I've had good success with a tequila/chili marinade my brother did up for me, so far I figured it would be put into play again. I coated my piece of steaky goodness and let it relax over night.

I took my steak out 40 minutes before cooking to relax at room temperature and made the bold decision to use a George Foreman Grill. Now I'm no expert on these things, having never owned one, but some people swear by them. For my first attempt on the Foreman, I was happy with the result even if it was a little more cooked than I would normally like it.

While I originally thought about cooking a proper steak supper, I thought of an ingenious idea for an afternoon steak sandwich as I pulled a fresh loaf of 100% whole wheat bread from the oven Who needs supper now! Plus, I threw in some vegetables for good measure. It was a delicious meal, and I'm looking forward to my next steak...which I'll probably make into another sandwich.


I Love Food Blog said...

Looks like a great Steakwich! Did you add any other sauce when you put the steakwich together?

Chris said...

I didn't actually. No butter or anything, something I might normally do. The meat just tasted so good with the marinade, and the bread was fresh (still warm) so I took the chance on letting everything meld without any other additions.

Anonymous said...

I was at Costco too and bought a giant slab of salmon that I hacked up into 7 fillets and popped into the freezer. You definitely can get some great meat and fish deals there.

Their lobster and giant shrimp tastes fantastic too!

Chris said...

I'll have to have a gander for the salmon next time I'm in there. I agree you can find some great deals, but I've never been able to find things like Pork Butt. A slab of shoulder is cheap enough I suppose, but I love doing pulled pork/carnita style dishes and always figured Costco would be the place.

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