Sunday, April 26, 2009

edo japan - edmonton, ab

edo japan
millwoods town centre

One day while out and about getting some goodies, I ended up at Millwoods Town Centre. I'd already eaten lunch, but the two friends I was with had stomach rumbles and were enticed by smells of mall food. With your basic choices, and nothing that stands out in the food court, both decided on Edo. This was after a lengthy debate between Edo and a donair. I had to giggle inside as the two dishes are not in the same league, let alone the same sport.

Edo was created in Alberta (Calgary) in 1979 and has 52 locations in Western Canada alone. I for one did not even know they had locations in the US. Apparently they are famous for their time honored teriyaki sauce and offer a pretty basic menu. Chicken, shrimp, pork and beef dishes, along with udon soup and sushi(at some locations). You can get your teppan style dish put on rice or noodles and if you like, finished with a spoonful of the sauce!

Dish one was pork

Dish two was chicken and shrimp

All of us decided that while the meal did it's job, the vegetables were on the mushy side and the rice was like glue. I suppose there is a reason I don't eat out like this very often and I'm not bummed out that I ate before I started my day. As we ended up sitting near the stall, I couldn't help but notice the continual evil glares I got from the woman behind the counter after I took a photo.


Sarah said...

I like that you giggle on the inside. Let's go get food. I'm STARVING.

Anonymous said...

I eat at Edo at least once a week, I try not to go to the location at the Millowoods towne centre because they are very cheap with the portions and sometimes don't cook fresh (they have small portions of meat pushed off to the side of the grill). I have complained, but they just don't care. I just have to comment today becasue I went there again, (I should know better) and the same thing happened. They are rude and cheap with their protions.

Chris said...

I sometimes feel sorry for people who work at a mall Anon. They are enticed by the same options every day. It must be hard to not indulge in all the 'lunch specials'.

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