Saturday, April 4, 2009

flour tortillas

Realizing I hadn't made flour tortillas in a while, I figured it couldn't hurt to cook up a batch last week. I realize you can drive to the store, buy your plain, tomato, herb or whatever your flavor of the week is, but really I suggest trying at least once to make your own from scratch. You won't regret it.

flour tortillas

2 cups of white flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. vegetable oil
3/4 cup warm water
*I do realize I'm using oil and not lard but I just don't need to be that authentic!

Combine the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet in another.
Slowly pour the wet into the dry while stirring with a fork (or your hand!)
Put dough on a lightly floured board and kneed for about 5 minutes.
Stick the dough in a bowl, cover with a damp cloth and let relax for about 20 minutes.
Divide dough into balls, about the size of a golf ball, and let relax again - 10 minutes.
Preheat a cast iron skillet, or non-stick pan, over medium high heat.
Take a ball, press into a small circle, and then roll out with a rolling pin. Aim for 6 - 8 inches.
Place the tortilla in pan and cook for roughly 30 seconds a side.
Place cooked tortillas in a cloth lined basket and cover to keep warm.

*Don't worry about things if you can't roll a perfect circle, just like our hearts, irregular shaped tortillas are still beautiful. As well, if you press softly with your fingers (or spatula) after you flip, the tortilla may blowup and look like a pita; this is a good thing as the interior is cooking perfectly!


Sarah said...

Yum! I always wanted to try flour tortillas - I've got the corn ones down. Thanks for sharing Chris!

Brooke said...

Those look great! And certainly a lot cheaper than those from the store.

Chris said...

Thanks, they are good and yes a lot cheaper than the store!

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