Thursday, April 23, 2009

lemon poppy seed bread

Picking up some 4 for $1 lemons at H&W this past Sunday meant, along with putting some lemon in my Coke, I would have lemon zest to play with. I contemplated a lemon-banana recipe I've been meaning to try but the Joy of Baking won out again with a lemon poppy seed bread. So here it is. I don't usually add the sugar glazes to quick breads but seeing as how I'm treating people at work, I couldn't resist. I can only assume it took the bread over the top, as it was gobbled up by lunch.

* Don't forget to let it sit overnight so the syrup can really soak into the bread, before you dig in. Fight the urge!


H.Peter said...

Lemon Zest, one of the most under rated, under used ingredients in the kitchen.

Looks like a great cake for a cold weekend!

Chris said...

I agree more and more H.Peter. I didn't really use it that often, but I've realized what a difference it can make.

Kevin said...

That lemon poppy seed cake looks good. I have been wanting to try one.

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