Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the week that was and is - april 22nd, 2009

What a busy week. Normally I can put this little section together a little bit at a time, but here goes nothing in one big swoop.

  • With all the baking I did on Sunday, I had the TV on for longer than I normally would and saw a show on PBS called Diary of a Foodie. The show is put on by Gourmet Magazine and the episode I watched was about different meals and their significance during the holy month of Ramadan. It seemed like a decent show and it looks like its been on for a few seasons. Why are some of these shows so hard to catch....
  • I love the name of this effect - vicarious goal fulfillment. With regards to food it's the idea that "a person can feel a goal has been met if they have taken some small action, like considering the salad, without ordering it" or "see salad, eat fries" for short.
  • It seems the recession is adding to the new "slider sensation" as I like to call it. I know some of the fancier joints around have served up mini hamburgers, but now even the fast food joints are in on it. "McDonald's is testing a Snack Wrap Mac. Burger King is pushing BK Burger Shots. Jack in the Box sells Mini Sirloin Burgers. Johnny Rockets offers Sliders."
  • Some people may think it's out of the norm, but I quite enjoy a cheese sandwich once in a while. Although, I don't think I would enjoy it everyday at school...although a free sandwich is a free sandwich.
  • 250 years of that dark, stormy brew called Gunniess! As a fan of the dark Vitamin G, I'd like to see if we will we get the 250th anniversary stout that is being released this Friday.
  • I'm always surprised how much empty space you find when you open a bag of potato chips. I mean it seems like half the bag is "air", so it's good to hear Frito-Lay is upping the amount of food in the bag and this change "involved no increase in price, was part of its "continuing commitment to deliver value to consumers."
  • Sometimes the article title is reason alone to read it, so when I saw an article titled - When Lobster Was Spam, 5 Gourmet Food That Use to be Cheap, I knew I had to post it.
  • Last week I talked about the 25 things chefs hate, and this week is the flip side. I've been given this answer and I agree..."When asked what’s particularly good — please, for the love of God — don’t say “it’s all good,” even if it is. Have some knowledge and insight into your own menu. Have an opinion. Know what’s fresh."
  • Sharon mentioned that the second T & T Supermarket is set to open in Northgate Mall. I was under the impression for some time that it was going to open up in the old South Edmonton Common Wal-Mart location. It's nice to see a second store regardless of where it is.
  • While writing a segment for the Bistro section (Edmonton Journal), Liane Faulder discovered the joy of Banh Mi. She mentions Van Loc, a favorite of mine, which is a great place to try these Vietnamese creations, on your way to indulging in a bowl of pho next door at Tau Bay!
  • Homemade pizza of the week - banana peppers, sauteed onions and freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano.

And speaking of homemade goodness; after reading a couple of KitchenAid Pasta kit reviews, I definitely need to track one down!


Anonymous said...

The south side is a rumoured third location for T&T but I have heard very little about it.

I've known about the north end one for more than a year already. Worst kept secret ever in the Chinese community. ;)

Chris said...

I'm glad you say "in the Chinese community", because this guy here had no Idea about that location. In saying that, I'm pretty sure I'm not up on a lot actually!

Thanks for the info brulee, your a wealth.

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