Friday, April 24, 2009

furusato japanese restaurant- edmonton, ab

furusato japanese restaurant
10012 82 ave

With all my sushi goodness requirements well taken care by the folks over at Sushi Wasabi, it's been hard to pull myself away and try something new. This was made even more so with the terrible experience I had at Ichiban. However, it is something that must be done and after hearing nothing but great things about Furusato I finally caved.

Researching what I could, I heard it was fairly small and usually quite packed. With this knowledge, I decided to head over just after they open at 5PM. The space is small, but with around 16 tables it is definitely larger than Sushi Wasabi. With the restaurant just opening, I was ushered to my table right away. With my love for chirashi bowls, my test dish for sushi restaurants, I had to pull myself away from ordering a bowl and decided to go with:

medium sized sashimi plate - this consisted of 16 pieces and rang in at $16.95. I don't think the presentation was very exciting, but the taste was fabulous. Especially the tuna which melted like butter in my mouth. I will definitely get this again.

spider roll - I found myself craving soft shell crab lately and this hit the spot ($12.95). The one difference that I noticed was the crab breading. I don't think I've eaten a spider roll before that wasn't in tempura style batter. This version was heavier/crunchier..almost like a bread crust. Good..just different.

whole bbq'd squid - with the above dishes sitting nicely, I couldn't help but notice the table beside me with this appetizer dish ($7.95). It reminded me of a post from Chowhound which got me looking for something like this. The squid was great, and whatever spice was sprinkled on left a great after bite that really hit the spot.

My first experience was really good. The cozy restaurant has a great vibe, which must be why so many people were greeted by name. I can't help but think with the great food and quality service, the tables (which did fill up inside of an hour) are occupied by quite a few regular patrons. I know after one visit, they likely won't remember me, but I will be back sooner than later. I suggest you head down if you are on Whyte; maybe i'll see you there.


KimHo said...

Looking at the pictures, one component told me it ought to be "good": the colour of the gari, aka, pickled ginger. Had it being pink, most likely it would have been purchased, rather than made in-store. Such small details, I think, make a big difference!

Sarah said...

Yum! Yum! Yum! I can't wait to go back.

Chris said...

I agree KimHo, it is the little things and unfortunately many of those little things don't appear all that often out here on the prairies (in my experience).

Sarah - So good I went back tonight!

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