Sunday, May 31, 2009

beer can chicken

I've often wondered how the beer can chicken came about. Was it during some camping trip or the result of a backyard (albeit drunken) epiphany Did a BBQ expert have this tucked away for years, or maybe it was the imagination of a Michelin starred chef. Either way the idea is great. As long as you follow some simple steps, you'll end up with a delicious and moist bird.

I've learned that you should definitely put a rub on. The trick during this step is to rub both the outside and inside. If you can, try to put some spice under the skin as well. It will add to the overall flavor.

I can't say for sure if one beer is that much better than the next, but as a fan of Guinness, its always been my go to. As well, the cans are taller than your average beer which makes for a better base in my experience. Drink half the beer and cut the inside ring of the top out. Add a good amount (1/4 cup - 1/2 cup) of rub to the beer. Remember we are trying to get flavor everywhere!

Sit your friendly bird down on top of the beer can and head to the BBQ. Crank the heat on one side of the BBQ to high and place the bird on the opposite side. You want to cook this bird with indirect heat, with a rotation half way into cooking.

Even with that dark crust, the chicken came off perfectly. The meat, even the breasts, were super moist and finger lickin' good. I'd definitely recommend trying your hand at beer can chicken. Not only is it a fun way to cook your meal, the left overs make for excellent salads!


Kevin said...

I have been wanting to try making a beer can chicken. That salad looks good with it.

Sharon said...

Maybe the chefs just wanted to see what it would look like to cook a chicken standing up - it always amuses me :). Your chicken looks great!

Sarah said...

Looks great! Funny I recognized the Guinness can even though 98% of was covered up.

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