Monday, May 4, 2009

burrito libre - edmonton,ab

burrito libre
6541 28 ave

As mentioned before, I adore latin inspired cuisine and I'm happy to see the growing addition of 'fresh-mex' style establishments. I can't help but think back to when your choices for fast 'tex-mex' or 'mexican' style eateries left you choosing from Taco Bell and Taco Time. Not that I'm dining out at these places regularly, but with Mucho Burrito, the ever growing Taco Del Mar, and now Burrito Libre, the options look a little brighter.

Burrito Libre has two locations; one of which happens to be a hop and skip from me. Their recent promotion, bring in a food bank item and receive a free burrito, was something that I meant to partake in but unfortunately I dropped the ball that day.

The menu is laid out in a very straight forward manner, with the focus being on the fresh additions you use to customize your dish. You can choose from a burrito, burrito bowl, taco, quesadilla, or salad.

The burrito (why else would I come to a place with burrito in the name) starts with a whole wheat or flour tortilla base, and comes in either small or large. You then get the option to lay on beans and rice, along with your protein - chicken, shrimp, pulled pork, shredded beef or vegetarian. The last two hot options include little potatoes and a sauteed bell pepper/onion mix.

Now you have graduated to the cold prep, which includes - salsas, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, cabbage, corn, hot peppers, and a few sauces. Wrapped into a tight package, you can choose to add nacho chips and pop to make a combo.

The above is version one (small vegetarian) and unfortunately I don't have a picture of version two (large shredded beef). The vegetarian had rice, beans, pico de gallo, corn, cabbage, cheese guacamole, and chipotle sauce. The shredded beef wasn't much different and both were great. The size and heft, especially the large, is unbelievable. I think you could start doing some Ron Burgandy style workouts if you really wanted. The ingredients are fresh and I think they offer enough options to change things up once in a while. The meat could probably be tastier, but what can you expect with hot plates; at least they don't seem to keep very big dishes of it out. They are running a Cinco de Mayo special in May, $5 burritos, which may entice a few more customers who could be intimated by the price. With a Tim's, Wendy's, Taco Time, Little Ceasers, and Burger King surrounding Burrito Libre, hopefully it can stick around.


Anonymous said...

That looks almost exactly like Mucho Burrito's food. So which is better?

Sarah said...

Yum! And dude! Why didn't you take me?!!!! I MISS MY MEXICAN FOOD!!! Lucky for me, only three more sleeps.

Chris said...

It's been a while bruleeblog. I'm hoping to resample Mucho again sooner than later and then talk comparisons...but yes, it is very close like you noticed.

Anonymous said...

I gave this a shot on the weekend. I have to say I liked some of their different options (the lettuce/cabbage was interesting, they also have different sauces) but over all, Mucho Burrito tastes much better. I choose the beef burrito, and in comparrison to Mucho's the beef lacked flavour. i'm curious to know what others think! I know I'll choose mucho for my burrito quick fix.

Anonymous said...

Burrito Libre totally beats out Muchobout Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Burrito Libre vs. Mucho Burrito
After having tried both numerous times the answer is clear - Burrito Libre Rules!!!!
The ingredients are fresher and tastier. The guacamole is "out of this world"!
u should definitely try it!

Sara said...

With so many resttaurants these days providing poor service, it refreshing to experience Burrito Libre.
Burrito libre's service is consistently super friendly and very fast. On top of this, the food is incredible. You can't lose by chosing this place.

Katherine said...

FYI, burrito libre is having a FREE BURRITO day @ their Mill Woods location, tuesday november 3rd, and Sherwood Park tuesday the 17th of november-

BRANDY said...

One of the most amazing things about burrito libre is their $5 honey chipotle chicken burrito! only $5 wow!

Chris said...

Wow. Burrito Libre was a hot topic today. Thanks for the comments everyone. Katherine, I am aware of the burrito day, as the information sheet was in the local Examiner and mail.

Anon, Sara, and Katherine. Do you have a favorite? And as I've had the guacamole Anon, what is it that takes it over the top for you?

Katherine said...

Jamie, what specific area of the university?

Chris said...

I'm not sure who you are responding to Katherine. But if you know of any info, just email it and I'll be sure to chat about it.

Anonymous said...

FYI. I went to grab Burrito Libre on the southside for lunch today...they're closed. Apparently they're moving over to the University Area.

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