Sunday, May 3, 2009

milestones grill and bar - edmonton, ab

milestones grill and bar
1708 99th st

When Edmonton had its first Milestones location open up a few years back, it was an exciting addition to our everyday least in my eyes it was. This view may have been skewed though because I had attached the restaurant and its famous bellini to some great memories in Vancouver. So there I was, fast becoming a regular bar side patron. This happened for a few months and made for gaining a few pounds of delicious sugary alcohol goodness. But like all things, times change and eventually the novelty wore off, and I was no longer stopping in.

Recently Milestones started promoting a fantastic offer and labeled it as Date Night. You would be able to order any meal and get the second (your dates) for free from 4pm to close on April 29th. It's been a few years since my last visit, so I thought I would use this opportunity to go back and try it a third wheel! Oh yeah!

Knowing this was going to be a jam packed event, we decided to dine at 4:30 and arrived to a restaurant already seating more than a few tables. Opting for the bar side, we slid into a booth/chair combo and relaxed. Our server for the evening informed us that the 2 for 1 was good on all appetizers and mains, but not on desserts. Not a big deal as it was early and we weren't exactly chomping at the bit for full meal deals. Our server did make mention on quite a few occasions that we would have to order in multiples of two, as my dish (third wheel man) would not be halved. I wonder if people give them a hard time about this, it seemed like common sense to us.

Anyways the food. It must have been seafood on the brain night for the three of us, because after a look over we all decided on seafood based dishes:

Mexican Corvina Sea Bass - labeled as imported Corvina sea bass lightly fried and served with spinach, bok choy, grape tomatoes, basil cilantro rice and a splash of Gaucho sauce. The bass was done nicely and slight spice added by the Gaucho sauce really made it.

Seafood Mix Grill - labeled as Wild West Coast Coho salmon, Corvina sea bass and tiger shrimp, all grilled to perfection and matched with a trio of house made sauces; Mango, Gogi Berry, Gaucho. Served with spinach, bok choy, grape tomatoes and lavender roasted mini potatoes. Take note - there is no roasted potatoes, just rice which isn't even in the description. Bringing this up to our server, she was quick to remedy the situation and brought out a side plate of potatoes. The dish was good, although once again the Gaucho sauce was the deemed the star. We split the side of potatoes and while I enjoyed the lavender, the rest of the table felt it was overwhelming.

Grilled Seafood Salad - labeled as Grilled tiger shrimp, wild West Coast salmon, marinated shrimp, fresh avocado, papaya, roasted Italian tomatoes, crisp noodles, lemon-chardonnay vinaigrette. This was my dish and not being a fan of the usual overdressing restaurants throw on salads, I asked for the vinaigrette on the will note it did not, and where are the the crisp noodles...they were out. The server apologized and brought me a 'new' salad in reasonable time without dressing. The noodles...well, those were a lost cause so I ate more potatoes! The avocado was nice and ripe, a concern I have at times, and while the grilled shrimp and salmon were good, I felt the cold chopped up 'marinated shrimp' didn't add anything. Overall, a good salad and something I would like to order again with the noodles.

So that's how we utilized date night. A few glitches in the program and nothing that shined bright enough to bring us scrambling back. It looks like it might be a while before I venture back in, oh don't get me wrong, the bellini's taste just as good as I remembered, but maybe some memories are meant for the past. Oh yeah, one more thing. When we left around 5:30 the restaurant and bar were packed and the line was out the door!


Sarah said...

Mmm, my mouth is watering when I dream of the delicious seafood I will be consuming in under a week!

Anonymous said...

Do they have that deal every month?

Chris said...

At least bring back some pictures Sarah!

The specific two for one deal was a one time thing, as the 'monthy' Date Night feature will be - one appetizer and two mains for $50 dollars. Still not a bad deal considering the price of their food.

Debbie said...

Popped over from PW's site - something about not being able to twist your hair on top - snort! In any case what should be the first thing I read but your story about Milestones and Bellini's! My DH and friends first ate at the Milestones in Vancouver. That is when we discovered their Bellini's! Best lunch ever. Then, much to our joy, Milestones came to Kirkland, WA a few years ago. We quickly added it to our list of best places to go for brunch and Bellini's (of course)! Then, one very, very sad day, we pulled into the parking lot on a Sunday morning and discovered it was closed. Wahhhhhh!!!!! Why do the best places close??? We have tried to replicate the Bellini, had the ingredients written down on a Milestones napkin but it isn't the same. *sigh* Thanks for the memory, anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Hi raidar just trying to give you the adress for harissa

cheers careme

Sarah said...

There will be pictures galore! And maybe other fun things. :)

Chris said...

Thanks for stopping by Debbie - I too have tried to succesfully make Bellini's at home to no avail.

Thanks Anon.

Fun things are good!

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