Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the week that was and is - may 6th, 2009

NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, UEFA Semi's, and other random things made this a busy week, plus it finally feels like spring and that means more time outdoors.

  • I noticed a few days back that Fuss Cupcakes had a new banner, outside their Whyte Ave store, announcing today as their official opening. Maybe we need to have a cupcake throw down.
  • Starbucks launched their breakfast sandwiches in town yesterday. Being lucky enough to have a great (barista) friend, I was given the opportunity to taste test these treats a long time ago...too bad it never worked out and I'm just getting to them like everyone else :(
  • Liane Faulder reported that Culina is having a writing contest, with the winners receiving a dinner for two.
  • A recent topic on Chowhound was all about finding the best grandma style perogies in town and I didn't realize there was so many brands. I'm going to have to find some St. Micheal's Extendicare perogies, as apparently these are the ones served at Culina.
  • James Beard award winners were announced recently; I'm a big fan of this particular distinction and have really enjoyed their cookbook selections over the years.
  • What would Brian Boitano cook! Chocolate salty balls? I can't believe this is real.
  • As a big fan of sudoku, I can't help but laugh at this pasta version
  • "Welcome to the fast-food value war, a battleground where $3, $4 or $5 will buy a hungry consumer a double burger, fries and drink combo, or a pesto turkey sub, a grilled chicken burrito or more tacos than anyone but a teen boy could consume." Gotta love the fast food industry in the U.S.
  • Speaking about fast food. Burger King is on the lock down and using it's king sized muscle to advertise in three major blockbusters - GI. Joe, Star Trek, and Transformers.

Nothing says warm weather like BBQ - Chicken and Veggie Skewers this past week.


Sarah said...

Your barista friend is still offering you a taste test opportunity, but will extend it into the bloggy world.

Southpoint Starbucks (3227 Calgary Trail SW) is having a sampling event on Thursday, May 7th from 7am - 12pm. We are giving away complimentary sandwiches and Pike Place Roast (which is delicious). Not only is it a good time to try our delicious new food offerings (which are available open to 90 minutes before close), but you can meet the mystery barista featured in so many "Eating is the hard part..." posts.

Hahah. Shameless plug. But really, Christopher, you should come down.

Sharon said...

Maybe not a cupcake throwdown, but I did encourage the folks at Flirt to consider participating in a Cupcake Camp! Apparently, one is "in the works" for Edmonton:

Chris said...

Thanks for the self promotion Sarah :) Your Welcome.

That is the kind of 'throw down' I was actually thinking about Sharon. Something fun and delicious, where everyone is a winner!

Grace Wong said...

And as far as those St. Michael's perogies - would you believe Sobey's on Baseline Road in Sherwood Park carries them?? I buy them all the time - wonderful stuff ... :)

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