Thursday, May 21, 2009

furusato japanese restaurant - edmonton,ab

furusato japanese restaurant (take 2)
10012 82 ave

After my first, and highly successful, visit, it was only a matter of time or should I say days before I went back. Stopping in on a friday night at 5:30, we found the restaurant just over half full with a few groups walking in at the same time. Before you know it, the place was jammed up with a single lonely table left. It's a good thing there was just two of us, as it was a two person table. A line up was soon started and it got me thinking; I wonder if restaurants like Sushi Wasabi and Furusato fill up so quickly, because along with great food, their hours are so short.

We were positioned at the back of the restaurant, so while it gave me a better look of the place, the light was so poor my pictures turned out pretty bad. The wait staff were great and the only hiccup was the timing of dishes. Speaking of which, my dining companion ordered the chefs sushi selection ($14.95). The plate was simple and delicious. The one thing I loved was how the sushi chef split both the scallop and the clam, so they formed around the ball of rice. I've never seen that before.

While I ordered one of my favorite selections; chirashi bowl ($17.95). It was definitely worth the slightly higher price as it was jammed with sashimi, including 3 large pieces of both tuna and salmon. The bowl did have a small section of egg, but no vegetables, unlike the gorgeous version served at Sushi Wasabi.

And we split a spider roll ($12.95). I really wanted to try this dish again, and while it doesn't take much of an arm pull to eat soft shell crab, I still don't know if I'm sold on their breading. I'll be really surprised the day I find someone who doesn't enjoy this dish.

Another great sushi experience, leaving me with one last mission. With Furusato and Sushi Wasabi both closed on Mondays (I have actually written "NO SUSHI MONDAYS" on my calendar) where will I go if I get smacked with a craving?


Maki said...

Oh my. My hubby is craving sushi right now. (He's looking over my shoulder). I on the other hand am not a big fan of it. I think I'm the only one on the planet quite frankly.

Ellen said...

Have you ever tried Kobe Bistro in Callingwood (6655 178 St)? I've been going there for years and the food is really good. Try their bento lunch special (11-2pm). They offer bottomless miso soup and salad along with your lunch meal. Try their Dragon Eye roll as well--it's pretty good!

Chris said...

You're not alone Maki, a few of my friends won't go near much more than a california roll. Late night sushi cravings, now that's a true dilemma.

Ellen - I've never tried it out but if I'm in the area I'll try and remember to swing by. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't think I've ever encountered a bottomless miso/salad option. Like a Japanese version of Olive Garden's infamous unlimited bread/salad combo.

Ellen said...

I was quite surprised they offer unlimited soup and salad as well. It's quite ingenious though! You should definitely check them out.

Bellavino said...

I had a hardcore craving for sushi last night and ended up at Yokozuna by Whitemud Crossing. I was by myself so I wasnt able to order to much variety but what I did have hit the spot. Fursato is still my favorite but Yokozuna might be my favorite monday sushi spot!

Chris said...

I have to agree Bellavino. Being on the south side I have made a few stops at Yokozuna by Whitemud Crossing. I haven't been too excited by their lunch offerings, but the suppers I have had were good. Definitely a solid Monday option. The funny thing was they were closed on a Monday a little while back which was doubly depressing.

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