Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the week that was and is - july 1st, 2009

Happy Canada Day Everyone! From a great Friday evening with fellow bloggers to a weekend jam packed with wedding obligations, it's been busier than usual this past week. Hopefully if the week stays busy, it will be because I hear something back from the umpteen resumes I sent out...

  • Don't forget about the new T & T Supermarket opening up tomorrow. Anyone going down?
  • Sharon wrote a great article for Connect2Edmonton about some non-mainstream dining options.
  • And while I'm on menu's, the Kalyna Country site has the menu for the upcoming Dine Kalyna festival. Any local's going out?
  • Ever wondered if say your peanut butter, pecans, or deli meat is still good to snack away on? Check out still tasty, a fun resource with a surprisingly large database.
  • New packaging for everyone's favorite white bread.
  • Really...2 inches of toppings. Talk about the kitchen sink approach to pizza making.
  • My brother introduced me to delicious mochi a few years back, but don't know if I would slap it in a waffle maker. Moffles anyone?
  • No Reservations is back July 13th, and Tony will be starting the season out in Chile.
  • It bothers me that I can download the new season of "Next Food Network Star" online, as they are already down to the final 6 in the States. Damn Canadian FN, I'm going to be well aware of the winner before you tell us.
  • I decided to share a round of cinnamon buns from the BBAC yesterday with my musical radio station of choice, Sonic 102.9.
  • Throwing some cinnamon, dried cranberries, and raisins into my usual slow rise bread has created a new addition to the weekly breads. *sorry the flash is so intense!*
Now go celebrate Canada and all it's glory! Fireworks!!!!

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