Tuesday, July 7, 2009


When I picked up some Bud Light Lime this past weekend, a comment from KimHo (I'm Only Here for the Food) got me thinking about what I have waiting in the fridge. So without further adieu, my current beer state.
Not a bad setup for a casual drinker I suppose. My brother and I were never much for domestics, learned pretty young to pay for quality over quantity, but I suppose they have appeared occasionally. I think though, we may have been secretly raised on Guinness as children..

Kilkenny - a solid Irish cream ale to have around; can be a surprise crowd pleaser
Stella Artois - a lighter beer that goes fan-freaking-tastic with Smirnoff Ice. Seriously mix the two together one for one, and after 4 or 5...lights out!
Guinness (aka Vitamin G) - my favorite beer of all time. That's all that needs to be said.

Rickard's White - after years of drinking Hoegaarden, I was pleasantly surprised by this Rickard's offering. It is a carry over from wing wednesdays from years gone by.
Pacifico - what says swine flu like celebrating with some Mexican beer. Nothing overly special here, just a refreshing hot weather beer.

Samuel Adams - this was a pick up after an episode of Unwrapped where they visit the Samuel Adams brewery. Decent bevy.
Alley Kat - one of our local beer producers here in Edmonton. I don't have a particular favorite, but try to support them when I can.
Granville Island Brewing - this is my last bottle of Gastown Amber Ale, and it saddens me deeply so I'll have to pick up some more. I have great memories of my time in Vancouver and flood back with this great tasting beer.

*beersday - I use to work with some serious drinkers who would get together all the time to drink. To help curb some of the excess, they narrowed it down to one day and that officially became known as beersday.


KimHo said...

Ah, Guinness! Even if you don't drink it, you can use it to cook! :D

Chris said...

Aye. From savory meat pies to sweet cupcakes. Maybe I should sacrifice a can this week.

Sarah said...

Guinness cupcakes and Bailey's frosting? Hmmm, yes! :)

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