Saturday, September 12, 2009

cherry coke zero

Coke vs. Pepsi. To put it very simply, Pepsi never had a chance in the homestead. I can't even remember my folks ever buying Pepsi. Coca Cola won the battle everywhere, from restaurants to race tracks and groceries to fast food. Recently, after a trip south of the border my father brought home a few cases of Cherry Coke Zero. After downing a can, I realized this might actually be my favorite version of the classic drink. See, I should start this post by saying I really dislike Cherry Coke, be it the regular Coca Cola version or mixed with syrup at a diner. This version though, was good, not something I would ever reach to, but it wasn't overly sweet and provided a good cherry flavour.

With my father going through his stash at a rather profound rate, we started to look into any chance of getting this closer to home. Heading right to the source, Coca Cola Canada responded to me inquiry with this email,

"Regarding availability, local bottling companies choose which brands to sell and the size of the packaging that will be available in their territories. These decisions are based on consumer demand and other market factors. The bottling companies then distribute our brands to retail outlets and restaurants."

So it would seem that it's up the local bottling company? Strange as that seems, It was something. Now to track down someone at our local bottling company, which was actually harder than I thought it would be. After some research I tracked down a lovely lady who also professed her love of Cherry Coke Zero. She mentioned her lack of control but offered to help put me in contact with someone who may know. Not a dead end yet! Finally, the day came. Here I was in contact with someone..but wait, I was back with Coke Canada and not my bottling depot. I thought it was a local decision. Regardless of who I was talking with, the answer to all my questions - Sorry Chris, "Right now Cherry Coke Zero is not available in Canada. We know this is disappointing, but we hope you will understand." Understand? I'm beginning to wonder if Coke understands who is in charge. I just want to find out how I can request this product, or know why we don't see this option in Canada. Sorry Chris. It just isn't available.

So there you go. No matter who I asked, or for that matter, what I asked, the answer was always the same. Sorry. No reasons, no explanations, no place to request the product..nothing. So to any locals who may come across this, the mission is clear. I've heard rumors that some independent retailers, gas stations etc.. bring in U.S. products. If you know of, or hear whispers of such things, do let me know. It would be much appreciated and make my Coke addicted father quite happy.

I'm not lying when I say Coke addicted either, check out this version, from China, a very dear friend brought back.


Sarah said...

If my family know what I'll tell them to bring. ;)

Chris said...

You're a doll Sarah!

Anonymous said...

When I went to a convenience store in Vegas to pick up a couple of things I saw it and had to pick one up to try it. I agree it was very good. I messed up the photo or I would have posted it in my Vegas posts.

P.S. your hassling of Coke is very impressive. *applauds*

Anonymous said...


I feel the same way about an apple-flavoured, Coke-produced soda called Manzana Lift that is very popular in Mexico. I fell in love with it while on exchange there, and so did my dad while visiting me. Let's make a pact - let's all pursue the goal of getting Coke to bring us our favourites, and if anyone succeeds, share the magic formula with the rest!

Nadine (who doesn't have a fancy blogging account)

Chris said...

Oh Nadine, thanks for stopping by, and I can attest to Manazana lift. I spent a good chunk of time in Guatemala where they sell a grapefruit (toronja) lift. So GOOD!

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