Sunday, October 11, 2009

furusato japanese restaurant - edmonton, ab

furusato japanese restaurant
10012 82 ave

With my father left to his own devices on Friday, he went looking for food. Which in turn meant he called me to ask if I wanted to go for supper. Inquiring as to where, I jumped when he wanted sushi.

Pulling up to the bar 10 minutes after the doors open, we were greeted warmly by the staff. Looking around, only 2 tables were occupied, yet by 5:30 (20 minutes later), the restaurant had no empty seats. I'm always blown away by restaurants who pull this off.

I ordered the medium sashimi platter and two pieces of uni. I've said more than my fair share about these items before. No surprise, both plates were delicious.

My father ordered a rainbow roll and spider roll. In the past I would have said his favorite type of roll was a dynamite, but I think the spider roll has recently taken top spot. He enjoyed both.

Another good experience at Furusato. Talking with the general manager, Dave Phung, I asked how the fairly new lunch hours were treating them. He mentioned it's hit or miss, with more regulars than drop ins. He didn't look overly convinced about it.

Oh and the first picture in this post, was taken just after sitting down. When we left around 5:45, it was less than half of that. I was blown away by the disappearing mound of salmon and tuna. In our short time, we watched the two chefs go through 8 or 9 chunks of salmon and 5 or 6 of tuna. Nothing says fresh like turnover, right?


Bellavino said...

Im heading there for a long overdue visit tonight! These pictures were exactly what I needed to see!!

Chris said...

Gotta love a sushi fix Bellavino. Do enjoy!!

shokutsu said...

This blog has much love for Furusato. :) Nice to see you supporting your local favourite. My days of this place go back way too far to be relevant for comparison (back when original owner Yuji operated the place in year one). Will try to check it out when I visit Etown again.

Chris said...

It's almost tough shokutsu for me to head elsewhere. I find the quality and experience, at Furusato to be one of, if not the best, around town. I still make occasional stops at Sushi Wasabi but after a few back to back service issues it's tough. Plus, I've found the team at Furusato to go out of there way and welcome you as a regular. Good service and fresh's hard to argue with that.

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