Monday, July 20, 2009

capital ex - part two

What..more food options. You better believe it. Just remember, eat and walk! That way, we can get some exercise at the same time!

Sip! The food and wine experience wasn't open to the public when I arrived in the afternoon. It's described as a "gourmet alternative to traditional fare celebrates the unique, the unusual, the new and the tastiest beverages and foods in an upscale, modern environment." You buy $1 sampling tickets (sample are 3-5 tickets), and absorb the culinary atmosphere. It doesn't open until 5Pm though, with David Adjey being the big showcase this year.

They were prepping for a private event when I wandered by.

More exciting food inside.

Best part about Bob's Bombay stand was...

this massive pot of chicken curry.

I often think Filipino cuisine is under represented in our city.

This little stand had the coolest little machine.

Cute little cake molds, and dancing baker men!

Believe me when I say there are even more options, they just don't look as exciting. Plus there is only so much time you can spend eating before you need to shop. Everything you can think of. Vacuums, hair products, clothes, paintings, games...

Candy galore!

If your bored of shopping, why not have a go at the casino.

Or get your learn on at the King Tut exhibit.

All of the console makers were out demoing their latest games.

Food starting to digest, why not go throw yourself around on some rides.

Slingshot mayhem!

You will not find me on these rides. Too much for this guy.

Ferris wheel. Yeah!

This is my kind of ride. A nice 5 seconds on a giant slide.

Why not mix in some evil carnie games.

No matter what you enjoy doing, even if it's just people watching, Capital Ex has something for everyone. The Ed Fest stage this year includes K-OS, Our Lady Peace, Howie Mandel, Paul Brandt, Thornley and more.

Don't forget the sunscreen!

And finally, I took one crack at this $3 dollar water gun game. Even though I came out the lucky winner, somehow I don't think this prize is even worth 3 bucks. Oh carnie prizes!! Let me know if you head down this year.


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the concert to start at the Ed Fest stage on Saturday. Then the storm started and we bailed. I wonder how long the hard cores waited in front of the stage before they left too?

Did not try Sip as it seemed a bit overpriced and I was already shelling out big bucks for my corn dog and Those Little Donuts fix!

Chris said...

At least your safe. I imagine with people yelling random things, it could create a gong show. Oh those donuts..I'm with you!

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