Monday, August 10, 2009

sushi wasabi - edmonton, ab

sushi wasabi (take 3)
5714 111 Street

I stopped in recently to sample the goods from Sushi Wasabi again. While it did occupy my number one spot for some time, I've been having such a good time at Furusato that I haven't eaten here in over half a year.

Arriving around 6, we grabbed the last table in the house. Quickly reacquainted ourselves with the menu, we chatted over a fresh pot of tea. My dinning companion settled on combo 7 (I think); 2pc salmon, 2pc tuna along with a tekka roll (tuna) and salmon roll. Pieces seemed well proportioned, and there were no complaints. Although the wasabi did seem a little neon this evening.

If there is one thing I love about Sushi Wasabi, it would be the presentation in their chirashi bowl. So it almost goes without saying, if I'm in a small group, I'll be ordering this. Having sampled chirashi around the city, I'm still amazed that no one compares with what you get. Not only do you receive a decent chunk of fish, but also vegetables and 3 types of roe. Why no one else in town includes vegetable garnishes, different types of roe, or even egg (at times), is beyond me.

Things were good, the service was steady, and the restaurant stayed packed during our entire visit. Sitting near the front, I did pick up on a potential customer service issue. The mother/wife of this family fun operation has some English barriers, which is no problem in person, but when answering the phone I noticed it could come across as brash. If the conversation went beyond a basic point, she would seemingly become flustered and yell for her son to come answer the phone. Many times, just putting the phone down and walking away. I've never called, and I have a feeling she means well but it was just something I pondered throughout the night.


Jane said...

I've just come back from Vacouver and I have to say - the sushi here doesn't compare at all to the sushi I had there! I haven't been to Sushi Wasabi though, so I'll be sure to check it out...

Sarah said...

I'm still waiting to go to Furosato with you! Punk! :) I hear there are some bacon banana peanut butter muffins awaiting my arrival at the store tomorrow. You'll have to swing by the homestead and pick up some bags of coffee as a thank you. :)

Chris said...

Jane, your giving me sushi envy! Did you find a favorite spot in Van? I love eating there. While Sushi Wasabi is really good in our city, I find Furusato the best of the best in regards to Edmonton Sushi.

Yes it's true Sarah..goodies await!

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